Greg Huddleston

Human Resources

Greg Huddleston has 35 years of experience in environmental remediation, decontamination, demolition, operations, maintenance, and civil construction. Prior to joining Catawba Corporations, he served as Technical Advisor for UCOR and has served as the acting UCOR Nuclear and High Hazards Operations (N&HHO) Manager. He also oversaw the Earned Value Management System (EVMS) Control Account Manager (CAM) for the Y-12 and ORNL accounts. He served as both acting and UCOR N&HHO Project Execution and Operations Manager.

Greg led the Project Management and Technical Services functions for Revolutions Performance Management Group, LLC (RPM), serving as a corporate officer and Vice-President of the company. With over 28 years of experience on environmental management projects, he has qualified as a Category 2 and 3 Nuclear Facility Manager and led RPM’s project and technical services. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, tinkering with old cars, and has been on a competition barbeque team for the past six years.