The mission of Catawba Corporations is to be the corporation of choice that creates economic growth and diversity for the Catawba Indian Nation’s workforce and its brand, fueled by its core values and the Nations rich culture and heritage, facilitated by the corporation’s philosophy to be the “Employer, Employee, and Client for Life Corporation”.

Culture & Tradition

Catawba Corporations is proud of its Catawba culture and tradition. Many of the design elements are derived from traditional Catawba pottery, Catawba culture, and important Catawba figures. The Catawba people currently reside on a reservation in Rock Hill, SC. The Catawba tribe was once one of the most powerful tribes in the Carolinas. After much oppression, the Catawba tribe has remained strong and persevered. The Catawba tribe was once again federally recognized in 1993. Since then, the tribe has paved the way to establish its sovereignty. The work we do at Catawba Corporations is vital in helping the tribe reach and maintain this sovereignty. Here at Catawba Corporations we work to ensure the future of the Catawba people continues to be successful.

Our purpose is what makes Catawba Corporations unique and what drives us to succeed in the government contracting arena. Our purpose will ensure that the next generation of the Catawba Nation prospers.

Chief Nopkehee

Catawba Corporations is a company owned by the Catawba Indian Nation and the branding is influenced by the rich culture of the Catawba tribe. The logo was created from some of the pottery depicting King Hagler, or Nopkehee. He is a very prominent figure in the Catawba culture. He was the first Native American to be inducted into the South Carolina Hall of Fame. Though he did many significant things for the Catawba people, the most noted would be the Treaty of Pine Tree Hill. This treaty established land for a secure Reservation for the Catawba people after a devastating smallpox epidemic. To secure this, the Catawba had to relinquish claim to much of their ancestral lands spanning from North and South Carolina.

Our Core Values

  • Safety & Health

  • Culture

  • Ethics

  • Quality

  • Relationships